Curry on Mash

A fragrant curry on a bed of mashed potatoes – the perfect hearty meal when you’ve been training hard.

Classic Beef Burger

Nothing beats a classic beef burger (with all the trimmings) when you’ve been training hard and working towards bulking up!

Spicy Prego Roll

Gourmet Hotdog

When you’ve been bulking up and training super hard, there’s nothing quite like maxi meal such as this delicious gourmet hotdog! Find plenty of maxi meal ideas here >

Maxi Mixed Grill Board

Keen to bulk up? Winter is the perfect time to get those gains! Enjoy a delicious mixed grill board with your favourite sauce for a flavour-packed protein punch.

Mini Margherita Pizza with Salad

This month’s maxi meal is one part indulgence and one part fresh, crispy greens! Mini Margherita pizza with a delicious salad.

Rosemary & Thyme Beef Fillets on Polenta

If you’re looking for some maxi meal inspiration, why not try these delicious rosemary and thyme beef fillets on polenta? See the recipe here. Recipe and image via

Tuna Bunny Chow – Gym Rocket Style

Presenting our maxi meal of the month: a delicious tuna curry bunny chow, Gym Rocket style!

Vegetable Risotto

Grilled Yellowtail & Veg with Creamy Lemon Sauce

A generous portion of grilled Yellowtail on a bed of fresh vegetables and creamy lemon sauce.