Scrambled Eggs with Avocado Toast & Sautéed Veg

Move your body, and move it often – but also remember to nourish it with balanced, delicious meals. This spread of scrambled eggs, avocado toast (with child flakes!) and sautéed tomatoes and greens is the perfect example of a tasty and nutritious breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Low Carb Omelette Breakfast

Tucking into a delicious omelette for breakfast? Switch up the toast for a side of fresh fruit for extra fibre and essential nutrients!

Brunch Waffle Plate

Need brunch inspiration? Feast on a colourful brunch plate complete with avocado, tomatoes, an egg, olives and smoked salmon. #MiniMeal

Classic Egg & Tomato Salad

Let’s keep those gains coming! Enjoy a classic egg and tomato salad for lunch or dinner – it’s high in protein and nutrients and very low in carbs

Low Carb Zucchini ‘Pasta’

Zucchini pasta, also known as ’courgetti’, is a great low-carb alternative to pasta. It’s light, tasty and versatile, and super easy to whip up into a delicious dish!

Spring Brunch Spread

Colourful, balanced, packed with the good stuff and undoubtedly delicious, this mini meal makes for the perfect post-workout spread. – Eggs in cauliflower – Kiwi – Strawberry with pecans – Avocado on toast

Fresh Brunch Spread

This month’s mini meal is the perfect example of a balanced, nutritious meal that is perfect for breakfast or brunch. Flavour, freshness and variety – delicious!  

Avo Toast Brunch Plate

You’re winning when a balanced meal is a delicious meal too. This month’s mini meal features avo on wholewheat bread, grilled broccoli and tomatoes and a fluffy serving of scrambled eggs.

Turkey Lettuce Wrap Snack Plate

This month’s mini meal features a a delicious spread packed with protein and good fats. Turkey lettuce wraps are a creative way to skip the refined carbs and replace your traditional wrap with a crispy, nutritious option instead.

Avo toast with eggs and fruit

Tuck into perfectly toasted buns topped with avocado and sesame seeds, accompanied by a boiled egg, sliced apple and naartjie segments.