Risotto Primavera

Ingredients Mixed Vegetables Garlic Oil Butter Onion Risotto Rice Parmesan Cheese Salt & Pepper Water Vegetable stock Step 1 Mix the onions, garlic, oil, butter, parmesan cheese and vegetables together. Fry until cooked. Step 2 Add the rice and slowly add in water and stock until

Low Carb Aubergine Bake

Treat yourself to a hearty aubergine bake filled with all the rustic flavours you love, without packing in all the carbs. Ingredients: 2 medium aubergines Tomato pasta sauce Mozzarella cheese, grated Salt and pepper Olive oil Parmigiano Oregano Step 1 Preheat the oven to 160 degrees C

Low-Carb Stuffed Peppers

If you’re looking for a tasty new low-carb recipe, this is it! These satisfying stuffed peppers pack a flavour punch, and can easily fit into your cutting diet. Ingredients Salt Pepper Oil Garlic Parmesan Cheese 3 Colour Peppers Mustard Breadcrumbs 1 Egg Minced Beef Step 1 Mix t

Watermelon & Feta Summer Salad

A delicious combination of sweet and savoury, and an undeniably refreshing meal for those sizzling summer days we’re all looking forward to. Here’s how to put it together at home: Ingredients Fresh Watermelon Feta 1 crunchy green apple 1 cup sweet melon Method STEP 1: Cut

Chickpea & Aubergine Quinoa Salad

Chickpea & Aubergine Quinoa Salad | A quick and easy balanced meal to whip up in a flash – perfect for busy weekends and those week nights when you only have a few minutes to make something delicious (and healthy). The chickpeas and quinoa give this dish a nice protein punch

Braised Leg of Lamb on Polenta

Warm up with this hearty brasato di agnello con polenta (braised leg of lamb on a bed of polenta). Ingredients: Leg of lamb ½ an onion a few garlic cloves celery carrots white wine olive oil salt pepper Method: Cut the vegetables and the meat Cook the veggies and meat until softened a

Turkey & Spinach Roulade

Ingredients: Turkey breast 2 eggs for omelette 2 garlic cloves Spinach (wilted) Salt, pepper, nutmeg, apple cider vinegar, olive oil Method: Make a 2 egg omelette Butterfly the turkey breast, and layer with the omelette and wilted spinach. Roll together and tie together with string. &

Brunch Tortilla Wrap

A delicious way to enjoy a generous serving of roasted veg, perfect for brunch or lunch. Ingredients: 2 eggs tenderstem broccoli tomatoes a wrap or roti a sprig of rosemary 1 chilli apple cider vinegar balsamic vinegar salt and pepper   Method: Step 1 Roast the broccoli and tomat

Salmon and Broccoli Salad

Ingredients Corn Broccoli Salmon Tomato Feta For the dressing: Soya sauce, apple cider vinegar Method Step 1:  Boil the broccoli Step 2: Cut the tomato and feta Step 3: Assemble your salad   Step 4: Mix dressing together and enjoy!  

Buffet Stripe Salad

Ingredients: Red apple Feta Cooked bacon Corn kernels Cranberries Olives Tomato Method: Step 1:  Chop lettuce and place in salad bowl Step 2:  Chop the apple and tomato Step 3: Arrange in stripes on top of the lettuce. For the dressing: mix together oregano mixed herbs, salt, apple ci