Quinoa Salad with Chickpea and Corn

Ingredients Paprika, chickpeas, sweet corn, parsley, olive oil, and quinoa Method Mix garlic, parsley and olive oil in a glass with a pinch of salt Boil quinoa until done and fluff with a fork Mix all ingredients together Plate and enjoy!

Picanha Argentina with bruschetta bread

Ingredients: Salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, butter, olive oil, Pecanha cut meat Method: Cook the meat rare Toast the bread and brush with garlic and olive oil Cut the meat and serve plain and simple  

Baby mozzarella and cherry tomato salad

Ingredients: Baby mozzarella cherry tomatoes mix fruits salad gem lattuce yellow flowers Olive oil salt and pepper To build: Cut the tomatoes and the grapes in half Plate the rest of the ingredients Serve  

Beef Carpaccio with crunchy salad

Ingredients: olive oil vinegar (or lemon juice) salt pepper mix herbs capers crunchy asian salad   To build: Marinated the beef in Olive oil vinegar salt pepper and mix herbs for few hours Plate the marinated beef on the plate Decorated with the mixed crunchy salad and enjoy &nbs

Kingklip alla Siciliana

Ingredients:  kingklip olives, capers, tomato, rosemary, oregano, olive oil, vinegar, salt pepper To build: Cut the olives Place all the ingredients in the casserole Put in the oven Finish product  

Mixed fruits and chocolate in a hard dried Palm tree leaf

Many times we choose to use flowers to decorate hamper gifts but they can get dried and not keeping for very long.  Instead, we can choose fruit which lasts and can be eaten.

Chicken chow mein

Ingredients: soya sauce sunflower oil oyster sauce salt pepper cashew nuts chicken ginger garlic pepper onion chilli   To build: fry the chicken and set aside stir fry the vegetables with garlic and ginger and add the chicken top with soya sauce, salt and pepper Serve with boiled

Moroccan Chicken

Ingredients: Chicken Garlic Cumin Ginger Paprika Salt Pepper Olive oil Onion Lemon Parsley Olives Apricot Prunes To Build: Marinade the chicken with the spices Top that up with onion and the dry fruit and it put in the oven  

Chicken and leek pie

Ingredients: chicken basil pesto leeks maizena cornflour olive oil salt and pepper original puff pastry To build: Lay the bottom layer of the pastry in the dish and bake in the oven Cook the chicken with the leeks and the basil When they have both cooled down put the chicken mixture o
Langostine cocktail

Langostine Cocktail

Ingredients: lettuce, red onions, coriander, boiled langostine, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, olive oil To build: Add mayonnaise to the mix ingredients Mix ingredients in a martini glass Serve and enjoy