Exercise Tips

Scrambled Eggs with Avocado Toast & Sautéed Veg

Move your body, and move it often – but also remember to nourish it with balanced, delicious meals. This spread of scrambled eggs, avocado toast (with child flakes!) and sautéed tomatoes and greens is the perfect example of a tasty and nutritious breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Swimming For Cardio & Recovery

After a week of heavy training, there’s nothing better than finishing it all off in the pool to get in some cardio and much-needed muscle relaxation. Image: SA hockey player, Alex Stewart  

Classic Egg & Tomato Salad

Let’s keep those gains coming! Enjoy a classic egg and tomato salad for lunch or dinner – it’s high in protein and nutrients and very low in carbs

Low Carb Omelette Breakfast

Tucking into a delicious omelette for breakfast? Switch up the toast for a side of fresh fruit for extra fibre and essential nutrients!

Outdoor Workouts For The Win!

Working up a sweat in Camps Bay – the perfect spot for a kickboxing training session with hockey player, Alex Stewart, on a brilliant summer’s day! Where’s your favourite outdoor workout spot in Cape Town? We really are spoilt for choice!

Training for the Tokyo Olympics

Hockey player, Alex Stewart, training at Gym Rocket as he prepares to represent South Africa – along with his team – at the Tokyo Olympics!

Brunch Waffle Plate

Need brunch inspiration? Feast on a colourful brunch plate complete with avocado, tomatoes, an egg, olives and smoked salmon. #MiniMeal

Watermelon & Feta Summer Salad

A delicious combination of sweet and savoury, and an undeniably refreshing meal for those sizzling summer days we’re all looking forward to. Here’s how to put it together at home: Ingredients Fresh Watermelon Feta 1 crunchy green apple 1 cup sweet melon Method STEP 1: Cut

Take it from the office to the beach!

Let’s take it from the office chair to the beach! A solid workout is a great way to get the blood pumping after being slumped over at your desk all week.   Head to the shore to get in those squats and push-ups, or challenge yourself by going for a run along the beach (running on