Exercise Tips

The “Classic Plank”

If you’re looking for a real quick workout for your core, then the classic plank is a excellent way to start. It’s one of the most effective core exercises, and the longer you hold in the plank position, the harder the workout. Plank exercises can also help strengthen and

Why we love Broccoli at Gym Rocket!

At Gym Rocket Cape Town, we love good ol Broccoli! Why? Because its very LOW in saturated fat & cholesterol! Broccoli also provides a good source of protein and contains vitamin E, Thiamin, Calcium Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Selenium. Broccoli also contains a very good source

The Muay Thai Boxers Meal from Rock Sushi & Thai in Meadowridge Cape Town

Manu from Gym Rocket has traveled around the world competing in many Muay Thai Kick Boxing Competitions. After training with some of the best trainers in the world, and settling down in Cape Town, it was his goal to find the ultimate Thai Restaurant that prepared a meal fit for the pe

Start your day with a Omelet packed with smoked chicken, spinach & feta

We  love this Omelet as it provides excellent Energy levels and DOMS delay for muscle pain! Try it, you wont be sorry! Its packed with lots of iron, and it one of Manu’s favourites!

Eating Healthy at Greens Cafe & Pizzeria in Constantia Cape Town

One of our favourite breakfast places in the beautiful southern suburbs of Cape Town in Constantia is no other then Greens Cafe & Pizzeria. Our choice of the first meal of the day is no other then simplicity, Scramble Eggs & Fresh Tomato’s, its not on the menu, but all y

The San Siro Salad from Col’Cacchio pizzeria in Steenberg

The San Siro Salad from Col’Cacchio pizzeria in Steenberg is one of Manuel’s healthy favourite’s for this week! Chopped lettuce Cherry tomotoes Cucumber, Fresh corn, Carrots, Sunflower seeds, Avo, Sesame seeds, Pepperdew piquante peppers   All in a bowl of GOODN

Berry healthy

What’s in a berry? There’s a champion new berry that’s come to town, and in its plump little body it has 18 amino acids, essential dietary minerals, six vitamins, anti-ageing properties and the richest source of antioxidants. The tiny, red goji berry is regarded as one of the earth’s

Go nuts for your health

If you love nuts, here’s some great news for you: nuts are packed with nutrients that boost your health in many different ways. Snacking on small portions of nuts can help lower yourcholesterol levels, reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, and even help