Exercise Tips

The Deadlift

The deadlift is a great exercise for the entire body, but it is important to practice this move using the correct form. Here’s how to complete a safe and effective deadlift: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart Drop into the position by bending your knees, but keeping the r

Rosemary & Thyme Beef Fillets on Polenta

If you’re looking for some maxi meal inspiration, why not try these delicious rosemary and thyme beef fillets on polenta? See the recipe here. Recipe and image via mindfood.com

Two-Way Bagel with Salmon & Salad

Some of the most delicious meals are perfectly simple – all you need is an appetite and fresh ingredients. Our mini meal of the month is a bagel, cut in half (avocado on one half and cream cheese on the other), and served with smoked salmon, capers, tomatoes and cucumber.

Brunch Tortilla Wrap

A delicious way to enjoy a generous serving of roasted veg, perfect for brunch or lunch. Ingredients: 2 eggs tenderstem broccoli tomatoes a wrap or roti a sprig of rosemary 1 chilli apple cider vinegar balsamic vinegar salt and pepper   Method: Step 1 Roast the broccoli and tomat

The Chin Up

This classic exercise targets your back, core and arms, and assists in conditioning the entire body. Perform this exercise consistently, and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your upper body strength. How to do this exercise: – Grip the bar with your palms facing inward

Tuna Bunny Chow – Gym Rocket Style

Presenting our maxi meal of the month: a delicious tuna curry bunny chow, Gym Rocket style!

Summer Spread with Strawberry & Cream Cheese Toast

Remember, carbs are not the enemy! With our mini meal of the month, you can enjoy a delicious slice of toast with cream cheese, rocket and strawberries, along with a spread of fruits, veg, and a fried egg.

Straight Jab

Boxing is gaining popularity thanks to its ability to strengthen the body while also improving agility, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. It burns fat fast, and gives you a total body workout. Boxing is also a great way to de-stress! For starters, here’s a guideline for throwing

Salmon and Broccoli Salad

Ingredients Corn Broccoli Salmon Tomato Feta For the dressing: Soya sauce, apple cider vinegar Method Step 1:  Boil the broccoli Step 2: Cut the tomato and feta Step 3: Assemble your salad   Step 4: Mix dressing together and enjoy!